Aladdin and the Subliminal Messaging. Aladdin-ah, the merry tale of a pauper turned prince chasing the woman of his dreams with the help of a manic blue genie voiced by Robin Williams. Adorable, right? Well, not for some people with very intent hearing. As Aladdin tries to get Rajah off the balcony as Jasmine steps out. Just as she walks into frame, a voice says “take off your clothes”. Stick the volume right up and you can definitely hear it. Though not in the new DVD releases-Disney, who continued to insist that the line was “Take Off and Go”, eventually cut the line from later versions of the movie.
Lion King and Sex in the Sky.
Some also say that hidden in the face of Mufasa is the outline of a woman in a thong.
The Three Little Pigs and the Fate of their Father.
As the three little pigs gather round the piano to belt out some catchy showtunes or other, you can see a line of sausages in a picture frame behind them-marked “Father”. Sure to make the more cynical among us smile, and the vegetarians weep. So really, a win all round! This is one of Disney’s most explicit hidden jokes, as they’ve never tried to deny it and it seems so gleefully dark.